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14 augustus
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Stadshart Zoetermeer is a systematically developed part of the Zoetermeer city center, primarily serving non-daily shopping needs. Zoetermeer is a large city of more than 125,000 inhabitants in the province of Zuid-Holland. The asset Stadshart Zoetermeer is a co-owned property of Altera Vastgoed N.V. and MN Asset Management, which are jointly represented in the Stadshart Zoetermeer Investment Company.

Stadshart Zoetermeer borders on the A1 shopping district of the city center. It has good accessibility, partly due to the nearby Randstadrail station which also serves as an important source facility and generates traffic. In addition, several parking garages are located near the shopping center.

Stadshart Zoetermeer is part of the Zoetermeer city-center district. The city-center district is further characterized by the presence of two owners with a large share occupied by retail: Unibail Rodamco (approx. 55%) and the BSZ (approx. 40%). Stadshart Zoetermeer is approx. 23,515m2 in size and has approx. 77 rentable units.

The asset is divided into two parts. An indoor part and the shopping streets Promenade, Driekant, Stadhuisplein, Duitslandlaan and Noordwaarts. The indoor part is divided over two stories, Amsterdamstraat, Luxemburglaan and Theaterplein. Stadshart Zoetermeer is due for renovation/redevelopment. Last year, Unibail Rodamco invested in upgrading its property.

This certification relates to the following address numbers: Luxemburglaan 146 - 162, Theaterplein 11a tm e, 39-51, Duitslandlaan 3, 11, 48, Stadhuisplein 10, 12,  15, 17, Oostwaarts 4, 8, Promenade 188, 190, 192, 254, 256, 258, Driekant 182, Amsterdamstraat 37, 39, 56, 57, 58-144, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 69a, 71-73, 75 and 77