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De Cuserstraat 89

The building situated at De Cuserstraat 89 is similar to the (completed parts within the) number 87 building with regard to its constructional nature and use of materials.This building is not provided with a roof terrace. The main entrance is situated at the northern side of the property. The entrance is accessible through the roof of the parking garage.

Lastly, the parking garage is situated underneath the buildings with numbers 85, 87 and 89. The number of available parking spaces amounts to 107 and corresponds to a parking ratio of 66 per sq m lfa. The entrance is provided with speed gates and is located next to number 85. The garage provides access to numbers 85, 87 and 89 by means of stairs and elevators. The garage consists of one underground layer and it has concrete floors and walls. The roof is covered with an aboveground garden with footpad. Heating and warm water come from gas installation. All lightning in the building is high frequent.