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Winkelcentrum Parijsch - Blok 2

Parijsch is a convenience shopping center in the city of Culemborg, which primarily serves day-to-day shopping needs. The shopping center has 9 shops, with the primary magnets being the supermarkets PLUS and Lidl. Culemborg is a city of 55,000 inhabitants, in which the shopping center is a catchment area for the Westelijke suburban communities, which together have 15,000 inhabitants. The inhabitants are characterized by a high average income level.

The Parijsch shopping center is centrally located within the service area. The accessibility of the shopping center is good. Ample free parking spaces are available around the shopping center. A bus stop is also located next to the shopping center.

Ample parking facilities - 336 parking spaces. This is more than sufficient. Peak demand is in the weekend.

This certification relates to the following address numbers: Koopmansgildeplein 7-9-11, 13 en 15