Winkelcentrum Kortelijnbaan - blok 1 Korte Lijnbaan 9A, B en C, 11, 25, 25A, Lijnbaan 47

31 juli
Certificaat geldig tot

Lijnbaan is Rotterdam’s most important shopping district, and it is the first car-free shopping district in Europe. The shopping district is characterized by a large number of visitors. Rotterdam is a large city of more than 625,000 inhabitants in the province of Zuid-Holland.

Several stores located on the boundaries of this A1/A2-shopping district, therefore relatively high rent levels apply. Several are located in a branch of this important shopping street, which allows them to enjoy above-average footfall.

Remarkable in terms of historical architecture. High-quality range of stores with a mix of retail and food service. With its location between leisure (including cinema and theatre) and the A1 shopping district, the Korte Lijnbaan connects culture and fun-shopping. The street therefore has a constant stream of visitors.

This certification relates to the following address numbers: Korte Lijnbaan 9a, 9b, 9c, 11, 25, 25a en Lijnbaan 47