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DC Miles Maarssen

DC Miles Maarssen
Industrieweg 24 in Maarssen

It concerns a sustainable state of the art distribution centre of approx 25,000 m2 in Maarssen. Maarssen, which is located centrally in the very heart of The Netherlands, is a perfect place of business for many logistics companies from a (inter) national point of view. The location is further more situated directly next to the well-known industrial area Lage Weide in Utrecht.

The current distribution centre will be redeveloped in to a new state-of-the-art facility that will meet all the modern requirements and is also focussing on sustainability (amongst others gas-free). Start of the construction of the new development is foreseen for Q3 2022 and the development is planned to be available end of Q3 2023.

The distribution centre will be built according the BREEAM-NL New Build, whereby the basic principle for certification level will be excellent and with a Well Silver certification. The complex is being developed on a plot of approximately 41,216 m2 and comprises approximately 25,000 m2 warehouse, approximately 986 m2 office space and approximately 1,858 m2 mezzanine floors. If required additional office space can be added on the mezzanine floors and the complex can be split in two separate units if necessary.

“DC Miles Maarssen” will be developed in accordance with all the modern specifications for a distribution centre such as

  • Gas free, all electric operated warehouse;
  • Concrete wall base around the building of at least 2.5 meter above the warehouse floor;
  • ESFR Sprinkler installation, a clear stacking height of 12.20 meters;
  • Super flat concrete floor;
  • Maximum floor load capacity of 5,000 kg/m2;

This is the perfect location for (logistic) companies interesting in a modern logistics distribution center in the heart of The Netherlands.