Altera: highstreet Beursstraat 3, 5 en 7

14 augustus
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The leisure complex is located in the center of Emmeloord. Emmeloord is the principal town of the municipality of Noordoostpolder. The municipality has more than 46,000 inhabitants and it is located in the province Flevoland. 

It is situated at the edge of the center and the accessibility is therefore good. A large car park is located next to the complex. The first two hours of parking are free. The A1 shopping district is at a walking distance of 200 metres.

The building has a modern architectural appearance, which is also a characteristic feature. The tenants (cinema, food service and casino) give this asset a predominantly leisure function. The building was constructed specifically for the intended use and has therefore limited alternative uses. Combined with a weaker market area, this makes it a non-strategic asset.

This certification relates to the following address numbers: Beursstraat 3, 5 and 7