DuPont Industrial Biosciences

A new laboratory and office building are being developed for DuPont Industrial Biosciences in Oegstgeest, in the vicinity of Leiden University. The laboratory will be the main location for R&D activities in Europe, The NME and Africa. Already the leading location in the Netherlands for cutting edge research in the field of biotechnology, the Bio Science Park Leiden is expanding rapidly. The new office and laboratory building take full advantage of its prime location. A minimal number of large spaces and flexible layout are raised over an efficient car park, presenting a welcoming atrium to visitors and passers-by along the Willem Einthovenstraat. Here, the building connects subtly but effectively with its neighbours, most notably the Hilton Hotel and the well-known Corpus  Leiden Museum. Expedition and other amenities are discretely located at the building’s west facade. DuPont will be fully immersed in this unique science landscape. Housing knowledge communities is more than just accommodating a working process. The aim of the design is to create the conditions in which a community can develop and flourish, where people are invited to challenge and inspire each other. That is why space for interaction, chance encounters and relaxation is an essential ingredient of a successful knowledge landscape. This, of course, is what the ‘Great Place to Work’ philosophy is all about. For that reason, the atrium plays a very important role in our design as the welcoming central space that allows users and visitors to become visible to each other. This is where everybody enters the building, and where all comes together. This is where you sit down for a brief meeting or where you get a great cup of coffee or light meal. The atrium is also the place where results, challenges and successes are shared through lectures, exhibitions and product presentations. A walk around the atrium and on the bridges going through it even allows visitors to see what happens inside the laboratories. This is how architecture contributes to the ‘Can Do’ mentality that DuPont embodies.