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DHL Logistiekcentrum Nijmegen

DHL Nijmegen-3 (Bijsterhuizen 11-27) is a high end temperature controlled locations for warehousing of pharmaceutical products for human & animal health, medical devices & diagnostics. And this for National and international distribution.  All types of activities take place in Nijmegen, such as: Order management including Customer Service and customs, Warehouse logistic activities, VAS works (Labeling & packaging, promotional activities & kitting) and Serialization & aggregation activities. The building has dangerous goods storage locations as well as multiple temperature range area’s, such as 15-25, 2-8 and -/-20 degrees area’s. But also ULTstorage units (-/- 80 degrees).

The building has recently fully upgraded, with new climate installations, office layout to the latest standards, Energy saving adjustments such as LED lighting and new low usage gas-heating installations. Together with fluid liquid floors and new internal Electrical distribution with emergency backup solutions.