Altera: comparison Arendshof

Arendshof is a covered shopping center, located in the Oosterhout city center, primarily serving non-daily shopping needs. Oosterhout is a medium-sized city of over 50,000 inhabitants in the province of Noord-Brabant.

Arendshof is located at the fringe of the Oosterhout city center. Its accessibility by car is excellent. The parking garage above the asset is often used as the starting point of shopping trips to the city center, which generates additional traffic. The A1 shopping district is at a walking distance of 200 metres.

The asset has a good appearance, but a relatively high vacancy level and many short term leases, consistent with the situation in the entire center of Oosterhout. The shopping center is divided into two parts. The part located beneath the parking garage is the property of Altera Vastgoed N.V. Tenants include H&M, La Place, Van Haren, Didi, Hans Anders and ANWB.

This certification relates to the following address numbers: Arendshof 204-305 without the residence at number 209 and 211 and parking.