Altera: supermarkets Postweg 4-6

14 augustus
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The property hosts supermarket Jumbo. It is located in the Putten city center. Putten is a city of nearly 25,000 inhabitants in the province of Gelderland. The catchment area of the supermarket are communities Centrum, Zuid-Oost and Noord, which together have around 20,000 inhabitants. 

Due to its location in the urban center of the municipality of Putten, the supermarket is centrally located in the city. Accessibility is excellent, due to the location on one of the main roads in Putten. A large car park with 50 free parking spaces is located next to the supermarket, parking is exclusively reserved for Jumbo. 

The commercial appearance of the front facade is not yet satisfactory. The former tenant Emté did not fully meet the needs of the service area. Jumbo is not yet present in the area, and will be the intended tenant after the acquisition of Emté by Jumbo Group. Upon change of tenant: facade improvement. The supermarket location is fine, in combination with free parking at the door (property of Altera).

This certification relates to the following address numbers: Postweg 4-6