Altera: highstreet Karrestraat 2, 2a

14 augustus
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Breda’s historical city center attracts many visitors throughout the Netherlands. The city offers a broad supply of shops, many catering facilities and a comfortable atmosphere. The city Breda, which has 180.000 inhabitants, is part of the catchment area.

The subject retail unit is situated in the most important shopping area of the city, exhibited by the highest paid rents in the city. The shop is situated next to the Hudson's Bay store.

The premises is qualified as an A1 retail location, according to Locatus. The ground floor hosts tenant Ziengs, whereas the first floor is in use as residential. The location is strategic, since it is on the corner of the street, strengthening the visibility.

This certification relates to the following address number: Karrestraat 2 en 2a.